Patient Information

Why has your dentist referred you to an endodontist?
An endodontist is a specialist in treating diseases of the dental pulp, which is a tissue located in the root canals of teeth. Endodontic treatment is an alternative to extraction for a tooth with diseased or infected pulp. Endodontic treatment involves cleaning and then filling the root canals to prevent reinfection.

Initial consultation appointment
The initial consultation appointment consists of examination, diagnosis and explanation of treatment options available to you. Patients under the age of 18 must attend the consultation visit with a parent or guardian.

Emergency appointments
We will always attempt to accommodate prompt appointments for patients in pain.

Fees for Services
You will be provided with an itemized tax invoice on completion of each appointment. It is the policy of Frankston Specialist Endodontics that fees are payable at each appointment by Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, cheque or cash.

You will be recalled 6 to12 months after completion of endodontic treatment for a review to assess healing progress.